The website that Lori created for USSONAR makes us look good and has resulted in immediate impact for our organization. Within 2 months of the website launch date, we have had the leaders of musculoskeletal ultrasound in both Canada and Mexico request to join our group, and share our website. The website has been described and "clear and clean", "the flow is logical and intuitive". It is amazing that a site that facilitates communication between 56 rheumatology fellows and 12 faculty members throughout the United States has run with almost no glitches right from the launch date. The great results stem from Lori's ability to listen and understand our goals prior to designing a site suited to our specific needs, then making adjustments on the fly as the website was taking shape and we saw the need for additional functionality."
Gene Kissin MD
Program Director, USSONAR | Boston, Massachusetts
Lori was genius at taking my ideas and creating organization around them. What began as a set of ideas was given color, shape and language. My website receives many compliments, and I'm completely pleased with the product of Lori's work."
Rob Winegar MD
Owner, Stay Ahead of the Game | Sarasota, Florida
After spending some time talking to other website designers and even trying one, I finally found Lori Leech and L2Designs. At the first meeting, I gave a general description of what I wanted the website to look and feel like... elegant, classic, and easy to navigate. From that meeting on, L2Designs has created just the atmosphere I wanted for my photographs and continues to play a large creative roll in my effort to promote my photography. Like others, I have worked with Lori in person, over e-mail, and over the phone. Any and all methods have been easy, fun, and most important... productive! Hire L2Designs you will be happy you did... I am."
Lee Dunkel
Owner, Lee Dunkel Photography | Ormond Beach, Florida
My experience with L2Designs has been wonderful. I started a web based business and did not know a thing about web design or e-commerce. I was able to speak with L2Designs to express what I had in mind and what I wanted to portray as a business owner. I wanted fun and easy to understand so my customers would not get frustrated shopping with me. I got exactly what I wanted and more. Whenever I had questions or thoughts, L2Designs was right there to help me out. My business is doing really well and big part of that goes to the design of my site."
JoAnne Wolff
Owner, Hugabees | Abington, Pennsylvania
When we at Emergency Ultrasound Consultants decided to launch our first education multimedia cd-rom, we investigated several publishing houses and production options. We were fortunate to identify and select L2Designs. After viewing their previous work, as well as meeting with Lori Leech, we were confident that our vision could be realized with the personal attention and guidance we were seeking from L2Designs. The innovative design, interface and resulting product from L2Designs has gained praise both from our corporate clients such as SonoSite, Inc., as well as direct customers through the United States and abroad. As our company and product offerings expand, we believe that the services and solutions provided by L2Designs will remain critical to our success. If you or your company is seeking any of the services that L2Designs offers you really only have one decision; whether to contact them by email or telephone!"
Paul Sierzenski MD
President, Emergency Ultrasound Consultants | Bear, Delaware
L2Designs has furnished our business with a most impressive and highly functional online presence. Lori Leech has provided highly personalized and carefully attentive service from conception to completion. Not only is the website visually attractive -- it is tailored specifically to the needs of our one-of-a-kind, out-of-the-box, art services business. Most impressively, we've worked with Lori to accomplish all of this virtually -- that is, we've done it all online, supported by telephone consultations (it is amazing how thorough, satisfying, and effective this has been). In addition, L2Designs furnished us with personalized tutorials in CD format, which are always there to consult. Finally, L2Designs has served as marketing consultant and strategist -- an invaluable service to this first-time entrepreneur. Above all, Lori Leech is simply a pleasure to work with -- always enthusiastic, energetic, and available. My very highest of recommendations."
Steve Aimone
Owner, Aimone Art Services | Ashville, North Carolina
I called Lori Leech and L2Designs on the recommendation of Steve and Katherine Aimone for my first ever website. Lori was so delightful and easy to talk to. She put me right to work on organizing all my goals and objectives for the site. By the time it was finished I had learned a great deal about website opportunities but even more importantly, my own work was cataloged and organized and I was more focused, all with her help. I received as many compliments on the ease of navigating my website as I did on my own paintings. She did a wonderful job for me and is always available for updates and changes. She has become a good friend and a caring guide through the intricacies of internet marketing. Whether one is just starting out or an experience business person, I would highly recommended L2Designs and Lori for first class work on a website."
Sandra Lloyd
Owner, Sandra Lloyd Fine Artist | New Smyrna Beach, Florida
During my initial discussion with Lori, I quickly realized she was as interested in how my website looked as I was. Days later, Lori came up with the perfect format for the site, and an easy way for people to download our comedy scenes. And even after the site went live, Lori happily and quickly made a few additional tweaks to the site based on my new requests. She also designed a logo that fit perfectly with the style of our comedy group. I begin to wonder if there's anything she CAN'T do."
Jake West
Comedian, Sketchatorium | Los Angeles, California
L2Designs has been a pleasure to work with! You have really gotten to know what we look for in our projects, no matter what the media. From web design to newsletters to mailings, you have helped us achieve a high quality, professional, polished look. Thank you for all you do!"
Mitch Markowitz
Vice President, Business Development , Family & Nursing Care | Silver Spring, Maryland
When Healthcare Contracting Solutions (HCS), a startup company, was searching for both a logo/branding identity and a new web site I turned to L2Designs for help. Although, we had some ideas about what we were looking for, we engaged Lori's creative and artistic talents to help us express what we needed for our company. We needed a modern but classy design, with a flair to draw clients' attention. The last thing we wanted was a 'me too' logo and web design. We first started with a logo that captured the essence of our company - Lori made that happen. Through collaborative effort, we were thrilled with L2Designs final version of our logo which communicated what we do at HCS. It is an awesome logo and has caught the attention of our clients. Our web design process was equally gratifying in that it was both classy and modern in its final version, and catches the attention of all those who visit the site. It provides information in a bright, colorful format with easy to read and navigate tabs. It is exactly what I envisioned as we begun this process. L2Designs is an awesome company with an uncanny ability to capture the essence of HCS and deliver a fantastic product. L2Designs has exceeded my expectations!"
Philip Koren MD
Medical Director, Healthcare Contracting Solutions | Fort Washington, Pennsylvania

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